Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Packaging 1st webOS app

This evening, I am trying to package my 2nd round of webOS development as an app. Unfortunately, when I try to follow the step defined by webOS, it didn't work as it says it cannot find the folder!

I will have to figure out how to do this in Debian. Perhaps it is different in Debian as compared to Windows and Mac OS.

While in terminal (root terminal), type the following command to make a build (.ipk) file. Once this is bundled, you can then install this app onto Pre 2.

palm-package -o output_folder app_folder_which_consists_of_valid_appinfo.json_file

# palm-package -o /home/peter/workspace/apps /home/peter/workspace/HelloWorld

Once the above command is executed, I got my 1st app in webOS. I can then use my earlier step to SFTP the .ipk file to my Pre 2. Then install the .ipk file through Internalz Pro by Jason Robitaille.

Mission accomplished.

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