Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Installing Skype on Pre 3 (AT&T)

If you have a Pre 3 (AT&T) and wonder how you can add Skype to it, you may be able to get it done. AT&T was never launched, Verizon and the European version will have Skype built-in. I have tried searching for Skype in the App Catalog, unfortunately, I can't get it.

1. Download the webOS 2.2.0 for Unlocked Pre 3 from webOS Doctor.

2. Extract the content of the jar file.

3. Open the wr.tar file and the Skype app (com.palm.app.skype_1.1-8.3_armv7.ipk) is in there.

4. Set your device as USB device as you will need to copy Skype app into /media/internal/downloads folder. Once copied, eject the device.

5. Put your device into Developer mode.
If you are using Debian/Windows, you can go into command-line. Whilst in command-line, type novaterm.
Once your device is able to be recognised by your OS (Debian/Windows), you will see something like this:

6. You can then type the following in command-line:
ipkg -force-depends install /media/internal/downloads/com.palm.app.skype_1.1-8.3_armv7.ipk
Reboot your phone and you will see a new account being added.


  1. I am having problems extracting the com.palm.app.skype_1.1-8.3_armv7.ipk file from the wr.tar file. What program does it? I've tried to download and install two of them so far. My failure is keeping me from coping the above IPK file to my unlocked Pre 3 running on ATT. Can you please help me.

  2. I am using Debian to extract. Perhaps try using http://www.7-zip.org/

  3. Remember you don't copy over, you will need to install the ipk from your PC/Mac/Debian.