Saturday, 16 April 2011

Awesome connection to Pre 2 via FileZilla and ssh

With the power of shh and FileZilla, you can remote into your Pre 2 and you can find this in Also, I have extracted part of the steps from

The only issue is my installed Terminal is not working on my Pre 2, not sure why though.

I will bypass step 1 and 2 from PreCentral. You will need OpenSSH and Terminal/SDLTerminal before proceeding. This is the only step that is different from others. This is a proven method which I have tried previously.

Step 3:
a. Connect the USB cable to Pre 2, then switch on the Developer mode. Select USB Drivemode so that you can see it in "Root Terminal" of Debian.
b. Go into "Applications" - "Accessories" - "Root Terminal" and you will be at your default folder.
c. Type the following while you are in root and you will see all the folders in webOS.
d. You will see your Pre 2 mounted folder as "root@your name - Palm Pre:/#".
e. Then go back to the first link (step 3) to continue with the generation of a key for your Pre 2. Alternatively, you can follow the following steps.
cd /
f. Next , press ENTER to accept default filename. When you are prompted, press ENTER twice to enter a blank password.
g. Next, enter the enter the final commands to transfer your keys to your Pre 2 Media Internal folder:
mv /home/root/.ssh/ /home/root/o.ssh/authorized_keys
cp /home/root/.ssh/id_rsa /media/internal/media/internal/id_rsa

Step 4:
a. Go back to the first link and follow step 4 onward. You have the option to copy from /media/internal folder.

Now you will be able to see your Pre 2 in FileZilla.

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