Thursday, 21 April 2011

Boot-up time for the new versions of Smartphone

iPhone has been the cream of all smartphones few years back and I am shock that it has even gain the buying power of uncles and aunties across the world! Perhaps the iOS is quite fluid as compared to other OS.

Bada is pretty new and Samsung is pouring millions into getting developers to develop for them.

Android has been influencing the market with its share of smartphones and sales begin to take off exponentially especially you can get them from eBay.

webOS has been playing a catch-up games and wasted lots of time (2 generations). I am sure with HP taking over Palm, webOS will begin to compete with the rest of the smartphones.

Windows Phone 7 is another new contender and it seems that it is quite fluid in term of UI. Nokia will be putting this OS into their future devices and made Meego obsolete!

With all these smartphones - old and new, what will the new generations of smartphones will bring?

For the time being, what do you think is the average boot-up time for these 1GHz smartphone?
Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4)

Samsung Wave II (Bada 1.2)

HTC Incredible S (Android 2.2)

Palm Pre 2 (webOS 2.1)

HTC HD7 (Windows Phone 7)

Please do post your boot-up time.

1 comment:

  1. Pre 2 (webOS 2.1) - 7 minutes
    iPhone 4 (iOS 4) - 2 minutes
    Samsung Wave 525 (Bada 1.1) - 50 seconds