Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wholesale price of Android smartphone from

As a frequent shopaholic of electronic gadgets, I am a frequent buyer in eBay, buying up cheap stuff. While searching for an Android smartphone in eBay, I stumbled upon a cheap smartphone and started reviewing this smartphone. As usual, I would seek to find the cheapest smartphone in the world. Yes, you may say that I am dumb buying a smartphone from China! Most of my colleagues/friends kept discouraging me to buy branded item. Guess what, those branded item is made in China, too. I disregard their advise, the most I will lose is US$200+ and if it works, it is going to be awesome.

Anyway, I have gotten a free Unlocked GSM Pre 2 from Palm. After that, was roped in for a webOS Competition as a judge. I was then given 2 free HP TouchPad 32GB from HP and a bag of accessories which contains Dock Charger, Wireless Keyboard, International Chargers, TouchPad cover. This is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for my Microsoft Windows 7 phone from Microsoft, which I guess they are kind of reluctant to give to me though it was 1 of the reason I am going into Microsoft Phone. Anyway, I will wait and see if there is anything from Microsoft. The moral of the story is help those giant to evaluate, develop and you will definitely get something from them for your effort, so, please do ask and be thick-skin.

Last October, because of my love for webOS and its QWERTY keyboard smartphone, I have gone ahead and ordered a Pre 3 from eBay for US$230 last October. Also added a list of accessories like Palm Touchstone. This means I have 4 devices to myself, I must be crazy! This excludes my other 3 old smartphones - Samsung SPH-i325, Treo 650, Sony Ericsson T610.

I am going ahead with the purchase of IHTC HD2 HDII T8585 Pro with MTK6573 chipset from Fastcardtech. Apparently, this online store is selling smartphones at wholesale price. Honestly, the price is unbelievable and I am going ahead now. It is 1 of the smartphone which comes with Ice Cream Sandwich which is Android 4.0. So far, I have not seen any branded Ice Cream smartphone and it is amazing that this Fastcardtech is able to get this unit.

Upon receiving this smartphone, will do a comparison with a branded smartphone and will let everyone know what I have gotten. This website has been telling the world wide web that it is a trustworthy and honest company. I will have to give them a try.

Looks like another new Android Ice Cream 4.0 came out and I couldn't resist and gotten them to change my order. This new one is called IHTC Sensation XL G21 with MTK6573 chipset which comes with a massive 5" screen with 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU.

I shall wait for my new Ice Cream...

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