Friday, 24 February 2012

Steps to install Skype (based on 2.2.0) onto AT&T Pre 3 webOS 2.2.4

I have a Pre 2 unlocked and I have doctored the device to 2.2.4. It comes with Skype and it has date and time on messaging now. It seems that this upgrade has given some life to my aging Pre 2. Once I have upgrade this, it seems that my Pre 2 is speedier which is awesome.

After contemplating for a while, I have decided to take this weekend to upgrade my Pre 3.Downloaded from webOS Internal, I have set an adventure to see if Skype is possible on a locked Pre 3 (AT&T). After doctoring, unfortunately, it says that my existing Skype account in my Pre 3 is not available on this device. Now it is time for me to push Skype in. After trying to utilise the new Skype app from webOS 2.2.4, unfortunately, it didn't work as expected as HP has embedded into Enyo framework. I am reluctant to extract those changes.

Then I look back to my Pre 2 Skype app installation, I realised that the filename was similar but the size is different.

Pre 3 webOS 2.2.4 Skype app size: 311.9kb (30 November 2011)
Pre 2 webOS 2.2.0 Skype app size: 289.4kb (29 September 2011)

1. You can follow this link of mine.

2. Connect your USB cable to your phone and set your device as USB device as you will need to copy Skype app into /media/internal/downloads folder. Once copied, safely remove or eject your device.

3. Put your device into Developer mode. Goto your Phone app and type "#*3386633#" and call. It is entirely up to you whether you want to enter a password to be stored on the device. I left it with a blank and click "Submit". It will show you "Your device is in Developer Mode. You may use Palm Mojo SDK tools to connect to the device".

4. At this point, you can connect your USB cable to your phone and select "Just Charge". If you are using Debian (via Root) / Windows (you may need to explore further on this), you can go into command-line. Whilst in command-line, type novaterm.

5. Once your device is able to be recognised by your OS (Debian/Windows), you will see something like this:

6. You can then type the following in command-line:
Change read/write access as it is set as read-only on the / folder.
mount -o remount,rw /

Run the following to install Skype:
ipkg -force-depends install /media/internal/downloads/

You will see the following if it is successful:
root@PeterWongsHPPre3:/# ipkg -force-depends install /media/internal/downloads/c
Begin installation of
Installing (1.1-8.3) to root...

7. Reboot your phone and you will see Skype when you are trying to add a new Account now.

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