Saturday, 30 July 2011

Doctor back to original Pre 2.0 ROM

Unfortunately, the doctoring of my Pre 2 didn't work as specified here.

I have been using a non-activated Pre 2 for the last 1 week. This means that the Apps Catalog is beyond my reach.

The adventure starts here, I went over to webOS Internal to grab the ROM which is officially from HP/Palm. I have downloaded the following ROM in case I need them:
- webOS 2.0.0
- webOS 2.0.1
- webOS 2.1.0

What I am going to do next is to doctor it back to the original ROM which is webOS 2.0.0 first. Then will try to login once more using my webOS Profile. Hope this works and once logged in, I will then disable my Backup as I am not bother with that anymore as all my contacts and emails are already in Google Mail. As for the apps, I can always download them from HP Apps Catalog and since New Zealand is not part of the released country, I can only see free apps, so not a concern to me.

The steps are exactly the same as my other blog. The Pre 2 reboot and asking for Sign-On. Unfortunately, this is still not possible! Looks like will need to try webOS 2.0.1. Tried using 2.0.1, still no success.

Looks like will need to try the final 2.1.0.

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