Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blu-ray wireless connection with PC

Kind of awesome to be able to connect my Samsung Blu-ray BD-C5500 to my TV and stream from an internet connection of a PC. This means you can connect any device which support IPv4. I am still hoping that IPv6 will not come in and make all my devices obsolete.

If you are keen to try, you will definitely need a player with built-in Ethernet. The wireless dongle and wireless player cost more, so if you have limited budget, this is 1 of the options.

PC Windows configuration (it can be a Linux/MAC):
Start up your PC with wireless network and share its connection with a Local Area Network (LAN).
In a normal Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) connection, Windows will default whichever connection you have selected. Normally, the default IP Address of the LAN TCP/IPv4 will be with as its subnet mask.
Get a cross network cable and connect 1 end to your PC and the other to the player.

Blu-ray player configuration:
Start up the player and go to Settings. Select Network and then choose Network Settings.
In Network Settings, in the Network Type, choose Wired.
Move down to Network Setting and configure it as the IP Address as with a subnet mask of
You can set both the Gateway and DNS Server as

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