Thursday, 22 December 2011

Where Am I Free edition reaches 4000 downloads

Where Am I Free edition has reached 4000 downloads, thanks, everyone. If you like email support in Where Am I, please do not hesitate to get the Full edition from HP webOS App Catalog.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Where Am I 2 and Where Am I Free have hit 3000+ downloads

Where Am I apps have been released to the HP webOS App Catalog.

Here is the breakdown of the number of downloads for the Free version. The Full version will support email. Both of these apps support HP Pre 3.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

HP webOS Developer Network website is down

Wonder what happened to webOS Developer Network website. It has been down since NZST 11am.

Hopefully it is not an bad surprises as HP is going to announce a decision to keep or abandon webOS.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Where Am I (Updates)

Tonight, I have submitted a new version (2.1.0) of Where Am I (2) to HP App Catalog. This will roughly take 2 - 3 days. This version will support HP Pre 3 and Bing Map. You can get it from HP App Catalog.

For the free version, you are always welcome to click on the Donate button if you are happy to do so.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Installing Skype on Pre 3 (AT&T)

If you have a Pre 3 (AT&T) and wonder how you can add Skype to it, you may be able to get it done. AT&T was never launched, Verizon and the European version will have Skype built-in. I have tried searching for Skype in the App Catalog, unfortunately, I can't get it.

1. Download the webOS 2.2.0 for Unlocked Pre 3 from webOS Doctor.

2. Extract the content of the jar file.

3. Open the wr.tar file and the Skype app ( is in there.

4. Set your device as USB device as you will need to copy Skype app into /media/internal/downloads folder. Once copied, eject the device.

5. Put your device into Developer mode.
If you are using Debian/Windows, you can go into command-line. Whilst in command-line, type novaterm.
Once your device is able to be recognised by your OS (Debian/Windows), you will see something like this:

6. You can then type the following in command-line:
ipkg -force-depends install /media/internal/downloads/
Reboot your phone and you will see a new account being added.

webOS - are you alive?

Up until now, there is no word from HP CEO that webOS will continue, therefore, all my friends and strong supporters of webOS, please head out to webOS Survival Kit. You will never know when you need it, so please start cracking it.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Free TouchPad for a lucky person - November 12 @ Sylvia Park, Auckland

This coming Saturday, Auckland will have its 1st webOS Community Meet-up.

Yes, everyone is asking what is the purpose of this meet-up?

TouchPad was launched in New Zealand 2 days before Leo write-off webOS. Honestly, this is a ridiculous action. Yes, it did make an impact but uncertainty will kill the market.

Meg has taken over now as CEO of HP, and I am hoping that this action will be reversed. Even if Meg's intention is to sell it off, who will buy a product that they themselves are not supporting. What more when there isn't a demand for it. During the fire-sales, people has tried webOS and honestly, a lot of people has given their feedback that they love the webOS.

So, please do come along this Saturday (November 12 @ 3pm - 5pm) and we will have a good time catching up on the webOS in Wagamama restaurant, Sylvia Park, Auckland. If we have more than 25 person, HP NZ will donate a TouchPad and the lucky person will definitely walk away with it.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Introduction to Enyo Development for webOS

Getting started from Mojo to Enyo can be quite disappointing. Looking at the Tutorial from HP, it is pretty hard and despite searching over the internet, I couldn't start it until I have done an experiment myself. Hope this will help someone and please do give your comment or feedback.

From the beginning, I have generated a Basic Application called x3 from Eclipse. You can also do this using a plain text editor if you are not using any development tool.

This is the file structure of the completed x3 application. You will find the next steps in the next paragraph.

Next I have taken the original index.html and replace it with the following code. Note: The folder containing enyo.js must be a folder in your computer and this is an example of the SDK installed on Debian. If you are using Windows or Mac, I am sure you can enter similar information. I have put mine as follow.

Next, I had a look at appinfo.json and added a new row "uiRevision".
"id": "com.petkatandevelopment.x3",
"version": "1.0.0",
"vendor": "Petkatan Development",
"type": "web",
"main": "index.html",
"title": "x3",
"icon": "icon.png",
"uiRevision": 2

Then, I have created a new file called depends.js which will contain the following.

In the x3.js, I just put a simple control which will be rendered at run-time, as follow.
name: "x3",
content:"testing 123"

Once it is completed, I will then package the IPK for deployment to the TouchPad emulator. In the command-line, type the following:
palm-package /home/peter/workspace/x3

It will then generate com.petkatandevelopment.x3_1.0.0_all.ipk in my current folder.

Next, I will install the package to the emulator:
palm-install com.petkatandevelopment.x3_1.0.0_all.ipk

You will see a sample of the app in the emulator:

When you launch this x3 app, you will see the following:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Where Am I 2 for webOS supports eMail

Ever wonder how to tell someone of your current location when you have no idea where you are. Think no more, think Where Am I, you can send an email of your current location with Where Am I 2.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Where Am I 2 Free Promo Code

I have single-use promo codes for my Where Am I 2 app to be given away for the webOS 1.4.5 version onward until webOS 2.1. This is for the phone and not TouchPad, will throw another promotion when I am done with the TouchPad version.

Canada :

United Kingdom :

United States :

Australia :

Enjoy this free app or buy it in HP webOS Apps Catalog.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond

This slogan from HP seems cool and it matches me going big, small and beyond. For the next few weeks, I am going to document the process of registering a small business to sell apps for smartphones. This can be Windows 8, webOS and other smartphones OS.

According to HP, I will need to complete W-8BEN form which will allow me to sell apps in the US. You can find this form in IRS US. You can have a read at the instruction of filling up the form here. If this didn't work, I may call IRS US at +1-267-9411099.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Save the webOS

After the announcement by the HP CEO and all the fire-sales of TouchPad, its sales has broken the eCommerce record of the UK Market.

People, use it and you will love it. Have a look at webOS.

Give webOS a chance as it is only 1 year and 2 months under HP.

Monday, 1 August 2011

HP webOS Competition in New Zealand

Good one for the New Zealand market, should do this competition earlier, i.e. before TouchPad arrives.

If you are interested and in the varsity, please visit Cyclone

Finally doctored my Pre 2

Since no one came to my help (unfortunately), I have doctored Pre 2 from 2.0.0. Why? 2.1.0 contains a bug whereby the HP Apps Catalog is not the entirely the correct version as after doctoring it, my Pre 2 is asked to download the HP Apps Catalog as it was using Palm logo.

After thinking through, I put it back to 2.0.0. Created a new profile as my original (plus others created for this experiment) didn't work. Then sign-in with the new profile and it works. HP Apps Catalog is working once again. The only issue is my backup is not working. Anyway, will leave it for now until Pre 3 arrives in New Zealand.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

webOS Profile Device Options

Looks like my attempt to restore my Profile is not possible and will have to press on with the Device Options in webOS Profile.

You will be able to see 2 options:
- I lost my Phone
- Remove from my account
- Get webOS Doctor

This is for "I lost my Phone":

This is for "Remove from my account":

I will proceed to try "Remove from my account" since it is what I want to achieve. Tried doing this couple of times but it came back. Tried doctoring the Pre 2 and still did not work!

After all this failed attempt (not able to sign-on using my original profile), I switched off the phone as I have given up hope on it as I will never be able to use the Apps Catalog.

Doctor back to original Pre 2.0 ROM

Unfortunately, the doctoring of my Pre 2 didn't work as specified here.

I have been using a non-activated Pre 2 for the last 1 week. This means that the Apps Catalog is beyond my reach.

The adventure starts here, I went over to webOS Internal to grab the ROM which is officially from HP/Palm. I have downloaded the following ROM in case I need them:
- webOS 2.0.0
- webOS 2.0.1
- webOS 2.1.0

What I am going to do next is to doctor it back to the original ROM which is webOS 2.0.0 first. Then will try to login once more using my webOS Profile. Hope this works and once logged in, I will then disable my Backup as I am not bother with that anymore as all my contacts and emails are already in Google Mail. As for the apps, I can always download them from HP Apps Catalog and since New Zealand is not part of the released country, I can only see free apps, so not a concern to me.

The steps are exactly the same as my other blog. The Pre 2 reboot and asking for Sign-On. Unfortunately, this is still not possible! Looks like will need to try webOS 2.0.1. Tried using 2.0.1, still no success.

Looks like will need to try the final 2.1.0.

Friday, 29 July 2011

TouchPad arriving in New Zealand

The TouchPad has finally made its way to New Zealand. You can get it in your local store.

This pricing is for the wifi version:
16GB - NZ$799
32GB - NZ$949

Monday, 25 July 2011

Continue to doctor my Pre 2

First of all, went over to HP Palm Profile and sign-in using my Profile.

Upon signing-in, it will show me my Profile with my handset detail:

I then moved on to select "Get webOS Doctor" which leads me to Get webOS Doctor. You will need to have Java 1.5 or later. Click on "Continue" to proceed with downloading of webOS wrapper (webosdoctorp103ueuna-wr.jnlp) which in turn will download webosdoctorp103ueuna-wr.jar. I have decided to download the ROM myself through webOS-Internal. Locate your own ROM as mine is an Unlocked Pre 2 for Europe network. Make sure you are downloading the latest version which is version 2.1.0.

Once downloaded webosdoctorp103ueuna-wr.jar (Pre 2.1.0 ROM for Unlocked UMTS/GSM), you will need to remove the original battery from Pre 2. If you are using a non-original battery, unfortunately, you must change it back to the original battery. I suspect that this is a precaution from HP so that those dodgy battery will not damage your Pre 2.

Run the .jar file and you will see the following. Select your Country, Language and Accept Licence Agreement

There is a slight bug in this installer whereby "Next" maybe enabled upon reaching this screen. No worries, let it fail.

At this point, make sure you do not have the original battery in Pre 2. Press and Hold the Volume Up rocker and connect the USB cable. You will see the following in your Pre 2:

You will then see webOS Doctor will enable the "Next" button.

At this point, you will see webOS Doctor is writing to your Pre 2 and you will see something like a big arrow going into a ROM.

Finally, you will see the following signalling an end to doctoring your Pre 2.

Your Pre 2 will then reboot and come out with a screen asking for Country and Language. In my case, I have selected "English" and "United Kingdom". Next, you will see the "Terms & Conditions for Palm webOS Services" which you will need to click on "Accept".

You will be prompted the following options under the Palm Profile:
- Sign In To My Profile
- Create New Profile
- Tell Me More (more like a Help screen)

I have tried "Sign In To My Profile" couple of times, unfortunately, I am not able to sign-in which I may need to ask HP to reset my Profile.

Anyway, for the sake of documenting my experience, I am selecting "Sign In To My Profile". Entered my Email Address and Password. Clicked "Sign-In" and wait for it to connect to internet. It is best that you have enabled data connection for this otherwise you may end up paying heaps for this. You will see "Signing In..." and the scrum will be scrolling.

In my case, I have "Sign-In Failed". It says, "This may be due to low network coverage or the phone settings on your SIM card need to be entered manually". You are given 2 buttons - "Try Again" and "Enter Phone Settings". I have chosen "Enter Phone Settings" and entered my phone provider preferences. I have entered my provider's Internet APN. You may also need to enter the "Username" and "Password" should your provider needs them. Click on "Change Settings" button. It will try to connect and sign-in once more.

Next, since my Profile already exists, I have the following message - "Profile Already Active". It says, "You're already signed in to a Palm profile with email address .... on another phone. Before continuing sign-in, copy any data you wish to keep from the other phone's USB drive to your computer. Make sure the data is backed up by selecting Back up Now from the Back-up preference. You are given 2 buttons - "Back" and "Finish Sign-in". In my case, since I am doctoring it, I don't care of backing up anymore., so selected "Finish Sign-In" button. It will try to connect and sign-in once more.

Next, I have this error message - "Data Not Restored". It further says, "We were unable to restore your data. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If you need help, visit". You will see the "Try Again" button. In my case, I have clicked on the "Try Again" button to give it another shot.

It brings me back to the original "Sign-In" screen prompting for my "Email Address" and "Password. Since the logon information is correct, I have clicked on "Sign-In" button instead of the "Forgot Password" button. It will try to connect and sign-in once more. Unfortunately, mine didn't and went back to "Data Not Restored".

Look for my next action in the next blog.

Using HP webOS Doctor 2.1

After using my Pre 2 for 7 months, upgraded from 2.0 to 2.0.1 and finally to 2.1. Somehow my Pre 2 seems to be behaving weirdly, could be due to some patches. Therefore, it is time for me to do a fresh wipe to factory-mode except I will be using 2.1 ROM.

Things to take note, if you are not using an original HP/Palm battery, you will not be able to go into webOS Doctor mode. I have spent 2 hours+ with HP/Palm Support Care.

At the end of the 2.5 hours session, my Profile was not able to be restored as it requires a Specialist to do so. Looks like a callback is required to solve this issue.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Installing Enyo Framework on Debian

After deliberating on the tools - Enyo/Eclipse, PhoneGap, NetBean, I have decided to move with Enyo/Eclipse.

After downloading the following, I have installed all of these via GDebi Package Installer
- Oracle VirtualBox 4.0.12 (since no report of issue on this version of VB)
- Oracle Java Runtime Engine 6
- Novacom

Then run palm-emulator at the command-prompt, a new Virtual environment is produced. Now I am a proud owner of a virtual TouchPad.

TouchPad emulator running under VirtualBox 4.0.12 with scale mode set.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Where Am I app has reaches 1,258 downloads

Pretty awesome, Where Am I has 1,258 downloads. How I wish this is a $1 for each download. It is time to do app that will earn some dollars.

You can get Where Am I from HP App Catalog

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Where Am I app reaches 321 downloads

Awesome, my webOS app (Where Am I) has reached a download of 321 (as of June 23, 2011). Throughout the development of this app, 1 thing comes to my mind - simplicity.

You can get Where Am I from HP App Catalog

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Finally my 1st app (Where Am I) released to HP App Catalog

Finally, I have released Where Am I app and you can find it in HP App Catalog

If you are living in a non-activated country, please do send me an email and I will give you the IPK file which you can use Internalz to install into your webOS 2.0 and above.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blu-ray wireless connection with PC

Kind of awesome to be able to connect my Samsung Blu-ray BD-C5500 to my TV and stream from an internet connection of a PC. This means you can connect any device which support IPv4. I am still hoping that IPv6 will not come in and make all my devices obsolete.

If you are keen to try, you will definitely need a player with built-in Ethernet. The wireless dongle and wireless player cost more, so if you have limited budget, this is 1 of the options.

PC Windows configuration (it can be a Linux/MAC):
Start up your PC with wireless network and share its connection with a Local Area Network (LAN).
In a normal Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) connection, Windows will default whichever connection you have selected. Normally, the default IP Address of the LAN TCP/IPv4 will be with as its subnet mask.
Get a cross network cable and connect 1 end to your PC and the other to the player.

Blu-ray player configuration:
Start up the player and go to Settings. Select Network and then choose Network Settings.
In Network Settings, in the Network Type, choose Wired.
Move down to Network Setting and configure it as the IP Address as with a subnet mask of
You can set both the Gateway and DNS Server as

Friday, 20 May 2011

NZ Transport Agency Live Traffic Camera

Since not many users using webOS in NZ, perhaps it is time to do up a Live Traffic Camera app for webOS. I have requested for permission from NZTA, but still no news. Anyway, not going to wait for them since I know someone has developed an Android version.

Here you go, start-up another project and this is the 1st few screenshots of the app.